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CryptoForce - Leader of POS mining

Technological company which developed the cryptocurrency Crypton is made on Blockchain basis with use of advanced method of transaction execution - Proof of Stake.

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About the company
Cryptoforce provides passive income in the form of Proof-of-Stake mining, that is available to all holders of the Crypton coin

Crypton is based on Blockchain technology, where all data is protected from hacking and loss of information.


The mechanism of consensus used in cryptocurrencies to create a new block. With PoS, attack on the chain become nearly impossible.


POS technology allows to obtain new coins without using additional equipment, which makes mining easy for everyone.

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$ 5.2 Million
1 Billion CRP
Total Supply
There are two ways to recieve income from CryptoForce


Proof-of-Stake passive income

You can recieve up to 40% per month from your Crypton POS deposit.


Multi Level Marketing

Attract people to company and get profit from your referals.

Our development plan
Roadmap of CryptoForce LTD.
Cloud Mining Mobile App
Spring 2016Entering the marketEthereum coins have been bought, the main asset of the platform for creating decentralized online services based on Blockchain.
Summer 2016Installing mining FarmsAdaptive farms for mining perspective cryptocurrencies are launched on the territory of Ukraine.
cryptocurrency exchange source code
Autumn 2017Getting started with own cryptocurrency Crypton with embedded technology Proof of Stake.
Winter 2017Open Beta versionLaunching of POS system inside Cryptoforce backoffice
Spring 2018Release of Crypton WalletRelease of multicoin wallet with the possibility to pay with Crypton when shopping in the Internet.
Autumm 2018Launching Crypton ExchangeLaunching the exchange with the possibility to purchase, sell and store various cryptocurrencies.
Winter 2018Community developmentDevelopment of the crypto community in the CIS and Europe, the online university for Blockchain technology and crypto currency.
Cryptocurrency debit card
Spring 2019Application DevelopmentDevelopment of mobile application for mobile-only cryptobank on Blockchain basis.
Autumn 2019Crypto ATMInstalling crypto ATM over the Europe and CIS for easy exchange of fiat money into cryptocurrency.
Winter 2020Blockchain loansLaunching of smart-contract based loans for everyone in Cryptoforce Bank.
Spring 2020Acquiring SolutionsDecentralized system for retail trade and services, that makes cryptocurrency acquiring easy for everyone.
Summer 2020CryptoForce Bank AsiaPromotion of the Cryptobank on the Asian market.

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Crypton Wallet

To download the app - you need to write your Email, that you use for Apple ID, and in 24 hours you will recieve invitation to download Crypton Wallet.

* Now you can download only iOS version. But for Android users we promise, that Wallet would be avaliable in Google Play no longer than 15 of July 2018. At the same time Apple is now checking our application, and soon App Store version will be avaliable too.
Start receiving up to 500% annually with Cryptoforce

The Benefits of Proof-of-Stake?

This technology throws back the need of farms, which makes the extraction of the new coins economically affordable. Also on the part of security, this mechanism makes any hacker`s attacks economically unprofitable. Therefore, the mining of our coin is available for each holder. POS Mining coins reserves for 1 year, and burns after.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Crypton Wallet?

Now we are actively working on our Multi-Coin wallet with the ability to receive, transfer and store the crypto currency. It will have a mobile application through which contactless payment will be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

I will be able to use CryptoForce Exchange?

Each member of CryptoForce will have access to trading on the stock exchange, with which you can quickly buy, sell, exchange any available crypto currency with the function of withdrawing coins to our wallet, which you can contactlessly settle with authorized partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use CryptoForce MasterCard?

Each coinholder will be able to get a MASTERCARD with the help of which you can pay anywhere. After the final testing of the system, you will be able to leave an application for opening a CryptoForce MASTERCARD card in your personal account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need MLM?

Very often young projects are faced with the problem of delivering information to the final user, which makes it impossible to successfully implementation of the product. With the help of MLM network, we intend to reduce marketing expenses and focus our work specifically on the target audience. Get extra income by taking part in our refferal program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What people says

Mass media about Proof–of–Stake
The proof-of-work algorithms run by bitcoin miners are needlessly complex. New coins have simpler algorithms like Proof-of-Stake.
Christopher Helman
Proof of Stake currencies can be more energy efficient than Proof of Work, which mainly relies on energy use.
POS systems are environmentally friendly, as the electricity and hardware costs are much lower than the POW system mining.
Shaan Ray
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Support working hours

Mon to Sat - 11 AM to 06 PM +2GMT

Keep in touch with CryptoFroce

We care for every CryptoForce investor, that`s why we always work on technical support improvements. If you have any questions during system using, or you have found bug, please contact with our specialist.

Rushakov AndreyChief technical support officer
Crypton is a revolutionary financial tool
Easy in use and multifunctional token, that helps you to earn stable profit.

How it all began?
Dmitry Hutsaliuk

CEO and head of the board in CryptoForce LTD.

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