Frequently asked questions


POS (Proof–of–Stake) algorithm is an alternative to the outdated method Proof-of-Work (the original way of generating blocks). Thus block generation doesn’t depend on electricity or equipment, but depends on the amount of coins that you have in a wallet.
  • No need of buying expensive equipment for mining.
  • No need to pay for electricity
  • No need of setting the environment: providing electrical networks, cooling systems, air conditioning systems, CCTV.
  • You are getting passive income by PoS mining, which is available to all owners of Crypton coins. The more you have, the more you get.
  • In spring 2018 you will be able to do purchases in the internet using Crypton.
  • You will get a MasterCard debit card, which will be linked to your personal wallet and you will able to purchase in any part of the world with this card.
  • You will be able to purchase other coins with Crypton on our exchange (in autumn 2018)
With a help of our coin you will not only be able to earn some passive income with PoS-mining but also purchase goods and services from our partners. We have an solid plan of technology development which backs up our coin. In two words - the price of the coin will be backed up with demand in the nearest future.
Yes, there are more than 1000 coins. But there’s only a few coins with Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Crypton doesn’t need any miners, additional investments and issues with equipment. Also, Crypton transactions are much faster than in other coins. We are making worldwide payment system, not a crypto technology for tech geeks.
CryptoForce company
We are the technological company - CryptoForce LTD, that has invented its own cryptocurrency - Crypton, which is based on the new Blockchain technology. Crypton currency is one of the first coins in the world that uses the newest method of verifying transactions - Proof-of-Stake. With its help the owner of the coin is able to mine coins without any additional costs and equipment. Literally free of charge.
The company gets its income from the ordinary mining of profitable cryptocurrencies, owning several mining farms. CryptoForce LTD has many reserve funds of the main cryptocurrencies that are on the market now. Mining Benefits + the growth of mined coins gives an opportunity to realize the idea, company’s potential and invent our own coin – Crypton.
The coin is on Beta version now. In order to prevent the fraud and the loss of coins, the open code is not published publicly.
The majority of brilliant ideas face the problem of bringing the information to the customer. News and advertisement platforms and even web-pages not always can give the exhaustive information to the potential customer or user. Of course, it is unclear for many people what “blockchain” and “mining” is and they can’t even create cryptocurrency wallets for themselves. And we’re not even talking about mining. Those are new technologies and that’s hard for most people to understand.
CryptoForce LTD is not a financial institution. MLM system is used specifically as marketing tool, and with its help we intend to get to the customer. Payments are taken from the money that is received as the result of PoS mining of Crypton coins. That’s why it’s us who are the most interested in its growth and development.
Investing in suspicious companies you will get only nothing! We are giving you the coin – Crypton, that gives you an opportunity to earn on PoS-mining. Also, you can sell coins on exchange and get your money back according to the current price.
MLM is not a source of income of our company. That’s only a marketing tool that attracts users and miners of Crypton.
The cashflow cease is not a threat to the company, because mining is the main way of our income. Thus we can say, CryptoForce LTD is completely the same PoS miner just like you are. We all benefit from the growth of the coin and its popularity.